Should I Add Outdoor Space to My Home?

Are you asking yourself should I add outdoor space to my home? Alabama Landsource can help you out! While most experts attribute the massive shift in the real estate market to the pandemic, there’s no denying that COVID 19 has made home buyers more interested in outdoor amenities than ever before. Today’s homeowners need more spacious, amenities-rich outdoors of their own to socialize with other people in the community as well as to entertain their family and guests, but without compromising on their safety against COVID 19 and airborne infections. In simpler terms, homeowners want to maximize the amount of quality time they spend with their loved ones outside of their homes. Are you looking for a home with outdoor space? Then cehc out these great Alabama Counties, Etowah, or Talladega County AL.

In 2020, a survey was conducted to determine the most important needs of today’s homeowners. Specifically, they are asked about the new changes they want to see in their communities and homes. One of the most common home features wanted by the respondents was more outdoor spaces.


Most buyers look for more open spaces for activities like hikes. This occupies the top-most slot in the list of things people want in their new homes. Furthermore, a study conducted in 2020 has shown that almost 52% of homeowners want novel outdoor spaces. They even said that they would be happy to give up their personal yard if they get access to better outdoor activities.

For developers and builders, the need of the hour is to devise plans to meet these new demands of homeowners on a large scale. For instance, a single big regional park would not serve the purpose. You need small pocket parks all over the neighborhood. Not only do homeowners need enough space to walk, but they want to walk their dogs and socialize with their neighbors. 

Dog parks are a good example of such green spaces. These are not only great outdoor spaces for our beloved pets, but they also offer plenty of activities for people to socialize in thoughtfully designed surroundings and make new friends. 

The study also revealed that people need such outdoor spaces where several people can participate in activities simultaneously. The second important thing people wish for were large parks with ample green space. And the third choice was natural trails for activities like hiking.

Probably, the best advice for planners and developers is to focus more on outdoor programming and spaces in the neighborhoods. Gone are the days of big pools and a clubhouse. In fact, these amenities are at the bottom of the desired amenities for most homeowners. Investing less on more expensive stuff and giving greater emphasis to thoughtful open spaces can deliver the biggest return on investment.

Changing Priorities

Back in 2020, all the public facilities and pools were closed due to the pandemic. But interestingly, it didn’t hamper the number of people who wanted to enjoy the outdoors. So, instead of public spaces, these people indulged in other outdoor activities like going on trails. Most of them were fed up with working from their homes, teaching their children at home, working out in their homes, and whatnot. So, the best decision any developer or builder could make in today’s times is to include natural amenities like trees, lakes, and nature trails across the new developments because that’s what most people crave these days.

Standard Amenities Are Still Crucial 

While it’s true that large communities give more emphasis to outdoor spaces these days, they are not lacking in standard amenities in any way. This focus is on offering a unique experience to the residents with the right balance of both standards as well as outdoor amenities. Let’s take the example of one of the largest communities in the U.S. – The Villages. Like most coastal towns, this community has a main street that attracts residents so that they can mingle and socialize with each other.

Apart from the golf and water activities, they host live music at 3 p.m. every day in the town square. This gives residents a chance to hang out while enjoying beers and delicious food with other people from the community. It’s clever. Rather than spending huge money on building a big club, they have roped in the YMCA. So, there’s tennis, aquatics, baseball, and a well-equipped sports field. The best thing is that instead of the developer, YMCA manages the facility.

Private Outdoors 

Let’s be honest, many homeowners still want their own space that can allow them to spend quality time in the privacy of their homes. People have realized the true importance of outdoor spaces, especially during the pandemic. The safe and secure gathering experience offered by these personal gathering spaces is truly unmatched.

It doesn’t matter if you want your own private outdoor space or communal space – people are craving community and a sense of togetherness after two years of locking down in their homes. Are you needing a vetted contractor in Alabama? Check out Watkins Construction & Roofing.